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Product Features

Safety:No irritation,No corrosion,Good bio-compatibility

Beauty:Natural teeth color can be reproduced

Comfortability:Low thermal conductivity,hot and cold changes do not stimulte the pulp

 3D Multilayer Plus Zirconia Block

*Pre-shaded technics

*Multilayer color

*Without post dyeing process

*Suitable for full  crown, bridge, anterior, inlay, onlay and implant

YUCERA 3D plus multilayer zirconia block has 6 layers of gradient color, bending strength and translucency. We can copy natural teeth's color, strength and translucency to the utmost. It is the best materal for your market following the trend with high strength, excellent permeability and color aesthetic repairing restoration, which is suitable for all CAD/CAM  and manual system.

Product Details

Our dental zirconia blocks/blanks are compatible with different brands of CAD/CAM system and manual system, such as Zircon system, sirona Inlab system, Kavo system, Amann Girrbach system,  and Porland system, etc.

Product Features

♠ 6 layers Multilayer color

♠ From 43% to 57% gradient for transparency

♠ Strength shows gradient from 700 Mpa to 1050 Mpa

♠ Suitable for anterior, crown, 7 unit bridges and all restoration


Crown  /Inlay  /Onlay  /Implant  /Anterior 

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